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Abuse victim: 'I have to go public'
Man drops anonymity after 'lying' claim from convicted paedophile
By Neil Mackay, Home Affairs Editor

Agent to hit out by naming top IRA mole
Former soldier makes threat after MoD backtracks on pay-off deal
By Neil Mackay, Home Affairs Editor

Allies carve up Iraq but sideline UN
By James Cusick, Westminster Editor

An Islamic state doesn't have to be Bush's nightmare
Iraq: Denying Shia muslims the right to achieve their aims through the ballot box will only stoke the fires of militancy, warns Yasir Suleiman

Badger baiting returns as gangs destroy several setts
By Rob Edwards, Environment Editor

Blair: 'my conscience is clear over deaths in Iraq'
By James Hamilton

Borrowing from Iris
Alan Taylor's Diary

Branson plans Concorde cheap seats
DTI will consider Virgin boss's plan to take over running of supersonic plane ... but he'd still face a huge legal battle
By Kenny Kemp, Business Editor

Carnage obscures fast track to peace
Iraq: Robert Tait in Jerusalem charts the obstacles that appear to be looming larger in the wake of renewed violence across the Middle East following the publication of the Bush 'road map'

Do you live near a dump? It's just devalued your house by over 40%
Government study finds Scotland hit worse than the rest of the UK by landfill sites
By Rob Edwards, Environment Editor

Dogs fail to bolster hedgehog cull
By James Hamilton

East Lothian on track to go to the dogs
By Karin Goodwin

Emergency food aid is not enough to stop Africa famine
There's still time to make a difference... and enjoy a night of cracking entertainment into the bargain
By Stephen Naysmith

Famed greenhouse vine in TV rescue
By Bridget Morris

Fury at Israeli killing of UK cameraman
By James Hamilton

Greens: here are our demands

  • Ambitious list includes end to M74 extension
  • Preparations begin for new parliament
    By Rob Edwards, Environment Editor
  • Heroin death girl's parents set for body to be exhumed
    By Bridget Morris

    Hopes fade in Turkish earthquake rescue bid
    From Mert Ozkan in Bingol, Turkey

    Hoteliers claim tourism has suffered under VisitScotland
    By Stephen Naysmith

    Kirk may ask for 2 a week from its flock
    Controversial direct debit subscription charge could raise 60m a year for struggling Church
    By Jenifer Johnston

    McConnell 'too busy' to negotiate with LibDems
    By Douglas Fraser, Alan Crawford and Torcuil Crichton

    Millionaire's haven for rent ... if you have 3500 and your own helicopter
    By Meg Milne

    Movie moguls in the making pitch in
    By Karin Goodwin

    Mutations make Sars harder to beat
    By Sarah-Kate Templeton, Health Editor

    One in five doesn't know how they will afford to live after retirement
    By James Hamilton

    Pubs should open longer, says binge-drinking report
    By John Phelps

    Scottish Executive diet drive branded a cop-out by expert
    International adviser in attack on campaign that fails to tackle industry
    By Sarah-Kate Templeton, Health Editor

    Six Britons held over suicide-bomb bar attack
    By Bridget Morris

    Straw under fire as bomb accused 'rot in Saudi jail'
    Families: Foreign Office consistently lied and failed to help
    By Neil Mackay, Home Affairs Editor

    Swinney told: time to ditch independence
    Exclusive: Senior colleagues give SNP leader two years; others call for Salmond's return
    By Douglas Fraser, Political Editor

    US: 'Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction'
    By Neil Mackay

    Why conditions are right for yet more young 'martyrs' drawn from Britain's middle classes
    Iraq: By Imran Khan

    Why health checks may make you ill
    Trend for body scans puts healthy patients at risk from radiation and unnecessary operations, warn doctors
    By Sarah-Kate Templeton, Health Editor

    Why the US can't go it alone
    Iraq: Crisis in the Middle East: the fighting may have all but stopped in Iraq but America still has much to do to stop it descending into chaos, while its road map to peace has signalled more violence in Israel, writes Diplomatic Editor Trevor Royle

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    US: 'Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction'

    The Bush administration has admitted that Saddam Hussein probably had no weapons of mass destruction.

    Senior officials in the Bush administration have admitted that they would be 'amazed' if weapons of mass destruction (WMD) were found in Iraq.

    According to administration sources, Saddam shut down and destroyed large parts of his WMD programmes before the invasion of Iraq.

    Ironically, the claims came as US President George Bush yesterday repeatedly justified the war as necessary to remove Iraq's chemical and biological arms which posed a direct threat to America.

    Bush claimed: 'Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. We will find them.'

    The comments from within the administration will add further weight to attacks on the Blair government by Labour backbenchers that there is no 'smoking gun' and that the war against Iraq -- which centred on claims that Saddam was a risk to Britain, America and the Middle East because of unconventional weapons -- was unjustified.

    The senior US official added that America never expected to find a huge arsenal, arguing that the administration was more concerned about the ability of Saddam's scientists -- which he labelled the 'nuclear mujahidin' -- to develop WMDs when the crisis passed.

    This represents a clearly dramatic shift in the definition of the Bush doctrine's central tenet -- the pre-emptive strike. Previously, according to Washington, a pre-emptive war could be waged against a hostile country with WMDs in order to protect American security.

    Now, however, according to the US official, pre-emptive action is justified against a nation which simply has the ability to develop unconventional weapons.

  • Election 2003: final analysis

    Why the US can't go it alone
    Trevor Royle on America's struggle to create peace
    An Islamic state doesn't have to be Bush's nightmare
    Yasir Suleiman on Iraq & democracy
    Voters didn't reject nationalism ... just the SNP
    Analysis from Professor John Curtice
    Swinney's Judgement Day Has Arrived
    Powerplay: Iain MacWhirter
    Thought things couldn't get any worse? Think again
    Michael Grant on Scotland's fading prospects

    download our pdf guide to the election (1.1MB)
    Click here for the latest details on the Sunday Herald's Concert for Africa
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