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Iraq and the media

Latest news
Davies weighs libel case against Campbell
February 6: Gavyn Davies, who resigned as BBC chairman in the devastating fallout from the Hutton report, is considering a libel case against Alastair Campbell. Matt Wells reports.

Plan to mount legal challenge abandoned
February 6: The BBC has decided not to mount a legal challenge to the Hutton report, preferring to concentrate on restoring the organisation's reputation for challenging and robust journalism. By Matt Wells.
05.02.2004: BBC governors told Hutton report was legally flawed
05.02.2004: BBC bosses set to blame it all on 'off-piste' Gilligan
03.02.2004: Experts say report's findings may warrant judicial review

Resentment behind Birt attack, say BBC staff
February 6: Four years of discreet silence by the BBC's former director general ended explosively in the House of Lords this week, report Matt Wells and Patrick Wintour.
05.02.2004: Birt attacks governors over Iraq report errors
04.02.2004: Birt blames 'sophistry' and 'slipshod' journalism

The Hutton Inquiry and its Impact
February 6: The Guardian's security editor, Richard Norton-Taylor, introduces our new book on the implications of Lord Hutton's investigation into the death of Dr David Kelly.

BBC director general and chairman appointments
Hodgson: BBC 'distracted' by ratings
February 3: One of the leading candidates to be the next chair of the BBC has launched a scathing attack on Greg Dyke's regime, claiming standards dropped in a chase for commercial success. John Plunkett reports.
03.02.2004: Dyke backs Salmon for BBC boss
02.02.2004: No 10 cautious over new chairman
02.02.2004: Fritchie to adopt a combative stance
02.02.2004: Emily Bell: Media pro should get job

Cross-party panel to oversee BBC appointment
February 2: Culture secretary Tessa Jowell today insisted the BBC's new chairman would be chosen 'fairly, freely and with the best interests of the BBC at heart', as she outlined the government's plans for the appointment process. By Claire Cozens.
01.02.2004: Patten heads list in search for new chairman
30.01.2004: Dimbleby and Lambert in frame for BBC chairman's post
30.01.2004: Who are the governors?
29.01.2004: Runners and riders for DG and chair

BBC after Hutton
BBC staff to stage protests
February 5: BBC journalists up and down the country are planning to stage a walkout at lunchtime today to protest against the threat to the corporation's independence from government pressure. By Ciar Byrne.
04.02.2004: Ryder's pledge to BBC as staff rail at comic cut
03.02.2004: Writer condemns BBC u-turn on Blair comedy
03.02.2004: Radio 4 u-turn on risky comedy episode

Revealed: Mandelson threat to BBC
February 3: Peter Mandelson threatened to 'throw the whole apparatus' of government at the BBC if it refused to back down on Andrew Gilligan's claims that the Iraq dossier was 'sexed up', it was reported today, writes Ciar Byrne.
03.02.2004: Today editor 'checked Gilligan's notes'
03.02.2004 press round-up: 'BBC needs to be saved from itself'

Uphill battle for new BBC regime
February 2: The new regime at the BBC began the battle to reunite the corporation's shocked and angry staff yesterday as it became clear that the former director general, Greg Dyke, did not intend to go quietly. By Matt Wells.
02.02.2004: So what now for the BBC?
02.02.2004: Byford interview: 'We must come out of this stronger'
02.02.2004: Today first to get back to basics
30.01.2004: BBC to launch Gilligan inquiry

BBC dossier reveals fury at Hutton 'flaws'
February 1: The war between the BBC and the Government was re-ignited last night after a series of leaked documents revealed growing insistence within the corporation that there are fundamental flaws in Lord Hutton's report.
01.02.2004 Peter Preston: A week for long knives and short memories
01.02.2004: Civil war splits BBC as staff turn on Ryder
30.01.2004: Poll reveals public mistrust

BBC new brooms sweep issues under carpet
January 30: Acting director general Mark Byford and acting BBC chairman Richard Ryder marked their inaugural days by side-stepping the issues which led to the departure of their predecessors. By Dominic Timms.
30.01.2004 Owen Gibson: Beeb in a bind over regulation
30.01.2004: Ryder questions 'tabloid' Today
Byford profile: Acting DG must lift morale

BBC stars back defiant media campaign
January 30: Some of the BBC's biggest names including Jonathan Ross and John Simpson have given their support to a newspaper campaign vowing to carry on making challenging and provocative programmes. John Plunkett reports.
30.01.2004: BBC staff raise funds for petition
30.01.2004: 'Dare to be different' Ryder tells journalists
30.01.2004: Corporation must not flinch, say MPs
29.01.2004: Corporation 'depressed' by findings

Andrew Gilligan resigns
Today won't replace Gilligan
February 2: The Today programme will not replace Andrew Gilligan with a new defence correspondent, but has appointed an additional reporter to probe the 'accountability' of the government and other public bodies. Ciar Byrne reports.
31.01.2004: Gilligan goes, but not quietly
31.01.2004: Award-winning maverick left in the cold
31.01.2004: Gilligan quit 'with honour'
30.01.2004: Full text of Gilligan's statement

Gilligan comes out fighting after Hutton drubbing
January 28: Andrew Gilligan today came out fighting with a statement issued on his behalf describing Lord Hutton's report as 'grossly one-sided', reports Claire Cozens.
28.01.2004: Liddle launches defence of Gilligan
28.01.2004: NUJ: BBC must back Gilligan or face dispute

Comment and reaction
My report on Lord Hutton
February 3, Danny Morrison: The judge's ruling was no surprise. For decades in Northern Ireland he was a guardian angel of the establishment
03.02.2004 Marcel Berlins: Why Hutton must not happen again
03.02.2004 Martin Kettle: Threat to the media comes from within
03.02.2004 Jeffrey Jowell: The wrong man for the job

Dyke to Blair to Murdoch
January 30: Yesterday's events did not just represent the BBC's greatest crisis. They also represent the latest twist in the complex relationships between three of the most powerful men in the country: Rupert Murdoch, Tony Blair and Greg Dyke. By Emily Bell, Janine Gibson and Georgina Henry.
30.01.2004 leader: Decapitation
30.01.2004: Kelly friend hits out at Hutton
30.01.2004: Labour MPs show united front
30.01.2004: What the papers said

'There but for the grace of God go all of us'
January 30 Jon Snow: I have rarely felt worse emerging from the studio after a programme than I did on Wednesday night.
30.01.2004 Polly Toynbee: Now Labour must show magnanimity in victory
30.01.2004 Malcolm Rifkind: Right about the BBC, wrong everywhere else
30.01.2004 Tim Gardam: We must not destroy this worthy asset
30.01.2004 Nick Clegg: A modest proposal

Media grapple with dilemma of guidelines
January 30 Media: As the BBC continued its meltdown yesterday after Lord Hutton's criticism of its editorial procedures, most newspapers and broadcasters seemed happy to stick with the guidelines they have in place. By Jamie Wilson.
The Guardian's post-Hutton guidelines for journalists
30.01.2004: US media look for wider lessons
29.01.2004: Press rounds on Hutton
29.01.2004 Chris Smith: The BBC has got to change
29.01.2004 Martin Bell: The future of journalism is at stake
29.01.2004 feedback: What our readers said
29.01.2004: What the papers said

Hutton heat knocks Auntie out cold
January 28 Emily Bell: Andrew Gilligan's mistake might be indicative of an institutional arrogance that the BBC needs to address, but it does not represent a generally slack attitude to news reporting.
28.01.2004 Jon Snow: Government good; BBC bad
28.01.2004 Samir Shah: 'Open season on BBC'
28.01.2004 Simon Hoggart: Hutton gets Tony's gloat
28.01.2004 Kamal Ahmed: Mr Phoenix lives to fight another day

Leak of the report in the Sun
Wade: I'll 'pay again' for Hutton report
January 30: The Sun's cosy relationship with New Labour was underlined again last night at a charity auction in which Alastair Campbell sold off his copy of the Hutton report. By Owen Gibson.
29.01.2004: Sun leak investigation confirmed
29.01.2004: Sun faces investigation into leaked copy
29.01.2004: Hutton considers legal action over leak
29.01.2004: Sun: our source is 'impartial'
29.01.2004: Blame falls on BBC as Hutton report leaks
What the Sun said

Publication of the report: how events unfolded
Dyke reins in criticism
February 6: Greg Dyke has decided to rein in his public attacks on the Hutton report in favour of a more measured response, reports Matt Wells.
02.02.2004: Dyke rules out legal action
02.02.2004: Dyke lawyers consider Hutton appeal
30.01.2004: Hutton was 'wrong', says Dyke
30.01.2004: Drama outside. Disarray inside
30.01.2004: 'Why did the good guy go?'
29.01.2004: Rees-Mogg: Journalism under threat

Greg Dyke resigns
January 29: BBC director general Greg Dyke has dramatically resigned as the BBC struggles to deal with the biggest crisis in its 82-year history, writes Owen Gibson.
29.01.2004: Dyke's email to BBC staff
29.01.2004: 'Dyke didn't want to go'
29.01.2004: BBC staff protest at Dyke exit
29.01.2004: Dyke departure a 'seismic shock'
Dyke profile: 'Saddam had more chance of running BBC'

Sambrook will not face BBC axe
January 29: Richard Sambrook will keep his job as the BBC's head of news, staff at the corporation were told at a meeting this afternoon. Ciar Byrne reports.
29.01.2004: Statement by BBC acting chairman
29.01.2004: Dyke's head on block as BBC holds crisis talks
29.01.2004: Crisis cuts through the BBC
29.01.2004: BBC distances itself from Gilligan

BBC apologises to Blair
January 29: The BBC today apologised unreservedly to the government over the way it handled the Andrew Gilligan story, reports John Plunkett.
29.01.2004 Jowell: Charter review will take Hutton into account
29.01.2004: Blair repeats call for BBC apology
29.01.2004: Hutton to appear before MPs
29.01.2004: Poll points to Hutton 'whitewash'
No 10 vs BBC: previous clashes

Gavyn Davies resigns
January 28: BBC chairman Gavyn Davies has resigned, saying he had to accept the 'referee's decision is final'. He is writing to Tony Blair tonight to advise him of his decision to fall on his sword. By Ciar Byrne.
28.01.2004: Resignation statement by Gavyn Davies
28.01.2004: BBC chairman 'considering his position'
28.01.2004: 'Responsibility may lie with Dyke'
28.01.2004: Blair calls for BBC apology
Davies profile: Labour man who paid for independence

Hutton delivers damning verdict on BBC
January 28: Lord Hutton today delivered the worst possible verdict for the BBC, describing its editorial systems as 'defective' and declaring the board of governors led by chairman Gavyn Davies had failed in its duty to act as an independent regulator, write Owen Gibson and Ciar Byrne.
28.01.2004: Full text of Greg Dyke's statement
28.01.2004: BBC bosses fear worst-case scenario
What Hutton said: at a glance

Report's findings
Dyke admits errors but pleads public interest
Management: BBC boss Greg Dyke must bear the brunt of Lord Hutton's scathing criticisms of the corporation's management, described in his report as 'defective' and 'at fault' for its failure to check a reporter who had already faced criticism over his 'loose use of language', writes Claire Cozens.

News chief faced with battle to keep post
Richard Sambrook: The BBC's head of news has always expected criticism by Lord Hutton and last night he was fighting to hold on to his job, reports Ciar Byrne.

Campbell cleared of sexing up weapons dossier
Alastair Campbell: The former No 10 spin chief launched a damning atack on the BBC after his name was cleared by Lord Hutton. By Patrick Wintour.

Hutton report: conclusions
Summary of conclusions of Lord Hutton's report.
The Hutton verdicts
Full text of Hutton report (pdf, 2Mb)
Have your say on our talkboards

What Hutton said about:| Gavyn Davies| Andrew Gilligan| BBC governors| Greg Dyke and Richard Sambrook| Tony Blair| Alastair Campbell| David Kelly| the MoD| Susan Watts

Picture gallery
Key images from the day of publication

Evolution of the Iraq dossier| Dossier affair at a glance| The MoD naming strategy| The creation of the dossier| David Kelly: a tragedy unfolds| From Gilligan to Kelly| David Kelly's final days

The BBC six: what they said and where they stand
Gavyn Davies| Greg Dyke| Andrew Gilligan| Richard Sambrook| Susan Watts| BBC governors

Run-up to publication of report
Leading players prepare to learn fate at hands of Hutton
January 27: The leading players will learn their fate today when they receive the Hutton report under a heavy blanket of security, write David Hencke, Matt Wells and Vikram Dodd.
27.01.2004: MI6 source: 45-minute claim untrue
26.01.2004: Hutton reveals timetable of report's release
17.01.2004: Opposition to be locked in at dawn
16.01.2004: Hutton turns down media request for preview
16.01.2004: Opposition to get 6am Hutton preview
14.01.2004: Five questions for Lord Hutton

Hutton and the BBC
Dissident Labour MP influenced Gilligan broadcast
January 27: Labour MP Clare Short has emerged as one of the main influences behind Today editor Kevin Marsh's decision to broadcast Andrew Gilligan's report claiming the government had 'sexed up' the Iraqi dossier, writes Owen Gibson.
26.01.2004: Embattled Humphrys takes Hutton hot seat
26.01.2004: NUJ defends Gilligan's 'great service to public'
26.01.2004: Gilligan hopes to be reinstated at Today
22.01.2004: Gilligan hits back at Panorama claims
22.01.2004: Panorama rejects Gilligan attack
22.01.2004: Panoramic display of fearless self-loathing
21.01.2004: BBC castigates itself over new Kelly interview
21.01.2004: Panorama turns fire on Dyke
21.01.2004: Kelly denied 'imminent' Saddam threat
Panorama: read the transcript

BBC buys up 'Hutton inquiry' Google links
January 26: Just 48 hours before Lord Hutton delivers his verdict on the controversy surrounding the death of David Kelly, the BBC has begun an advertising experiment that involves buying up all internet search terms relating to the inquiry, writes Owen Gibson.

BBC fears Hutton report leak
January 23: The BBC is taking extensive steps to prevent its own journalists from breaking a confidentiality agreement by getting their hands on advance copies of the Hutton report. By Matt Wells.
12.01.2004: Charm before the storm
06.01.2004: Davies: Hutton won't bring reform
06.01.2004: Hutton delays report over issue of blame
05.01.2004: Dyke moves to quell BBC fears
05.01.2004: Gilligan 'will not kiss and tell'
30.12.2003: Heads may roll over Hutton, BBC admits
31.12.2003: No 10 aide involved in outing Kelly gets honour
15.12.2003: BBC anticipates Hutton with new editorial rules
10.12.2003: BBC revamps complaints procedure
02.12.2003: Lord Hutton to retire after Kelly report
31.10.2003: Kelly affair PR awarded OBE
01.10.2003: Hutton inquiry boosts BBC's reputation in Europe

Hutton and the PM
In the line of fire - how protagonists are preparing
January 26: From No 10 to the BBC, Guardian writers look at the difficult questions posed by the Hutton inquiry to the leading institutions involved.
22.01.2004: MPs to wait a week for Hutton debate
22.01.2004: Phillis blames Campbell for media clash
20.01.2004: Hutton: 48% think Blair lied
19.01.2004: Howard fears PM will ride out Hutton storm
16.01.2004: 24 hours in the life or death of a premiership
16.01.2004: Twist of fate brings Blair to the brink
14.01.2004: Poll heaps pressure on Blair
14.01.2004: Howard turns up Hutton heat on Blair
08.01.2004: I would quit if I lied, Blair tells MPs
08.01.2004: PM's mid-air change of direction
08.01.2004: Calm before the storm
08.01.2004: Hutton in five easy steps

Hutton and the civil service
Whitehall prepares counsellors for Hutton casualties
January 21: Whitehall officials are making discreet arrangements to ensure that civil servants who are subject to criticism in the Hutton report when it is published next week have access to counselling and support.

Comment and analysis
The risky business of security
January 12, Peter Preston: Have we actually benefited from the boom in intelligence 'experts'?

Late submission row
Hutton speaks out to defuse No 10 row
January 7: Lord Hutton intervened today to defuse the row over the government's late submission to his inquiry into the death of the weapons expert David Kelly, revealing that the BBC, Andrew Gilligan and the Kelly family had done the same, writes Tom Happold.
Lord Hutton's statement
07.01.2003: Hutton to make statement on late submission
07.01.2003: Howard - No 10 must publish submission
07.01.2003: PM under pressure on background papers

Who's who in the Hutton inquiry
Hutton in five easy steps
Confused by Dingemans and Gompertz, Hoon and Tebbitt? It's all much more straightforward than it seems, writes self-confessed Hutton anorak David Cameron.

Week four and second phase witnesses

Sir Richard Dearlove

Week three witnesses

Richard Taylor| Janice Kelly| Sarah Pape| David Wilkins| Peter Beaumont| Mr A| Brian Jones

Week two witnesses

Donald Anderson| Tom Kelly| Godric Smith| Sir Kevin Tebbit| Jonathan Powell| Pam Teare

Week one witnesses

John Williams| Bryan Wells| Richard Sambrook| Susan Watts| Gavin Hewitt| Andrew Gilligan| Julian Miller| Patrick Lamb| Martin Howard| Richard Hatfield| Terence Taylor

David Kelly: MoD expert in biological warfare
Andrew Gilligan: tough reporter who riled No 10
Lord Hutton: classic establishment figure
The lawyers

Document archive
Documents and transcripts relating to the Kelly affair
Click here to read Andrew Gilligan's and Susan Watts' interview notes, the full text of David Kelly's commitee statements, internal BBC memos relating to the dossier story and all the key evidence.

Day 23, September 25: coverage from the Guardian
Laying the blame...
David Kelly's family delivered an excoriating attack on the government's treatment of the dead weapons expert yesterday, accusing it of duplicity and 'a cynical abuse of power' which deserved 'the strongest possible condemnation'.
'No 10 acted like bullies'
Campbell 'lost perspective'
Dossier was changed, ministers were cynical
Hoon accused of hypocrisy as family reacts to MoD claims
Ministers 'did nothing wrong' in revealing identity of Dr Kelly
Day 23 in summary

September 25: coverage from
Closing statements
Kelly family's case | Government case

Kelly unprepared for 'media maelstrom'
David Kelly had no idea of the "media maelstrom about to descend on him" despite the Ministry of Defence's efforts to alert him, the Hutton inquiry heard today.
BBC 'regrets' over Gilligan story
Kelly had 'no right' to anonymity
Gilligan's lawyer: reporter faced 'unprecedented attack'
'Expose government duplicity' urges Kelly family lawyer
Gilligan 'not to be trusted'
Inquiry prepares for final day

Day 22, September 24: coverage from the Guardian
'BBC board had public duty to stand up to No 10'
The BBC refused to give an inch at the height of the dossier row with Downing Street because it was determined not to bow to 'intolerable' pressure from the government, the BBC chairman, Gavyn Davies, told the Hutton inquiry yesterday.
Kelly's mother 'took her own life'
Godzilla, QC, takes on the BBC titan
46-second call told Kelly his fate

September 24: coverage from
Dr Kelly's mother may have killed herself too
The Hutton inquiry today heard that David Kelly's mother probably committed suicide more than 30 years ago. By Matthew Tempest.
'Draft cues' show Today got story right
Davies defends BBC governors
Inquiry prepares for final day
Davies heads up final day of evidence

Day 21: September 23: coverage from the Guardian
No 10 admits using Kelly in war with BBC
Downing Street admitted yesterday that it released personal details about Dr David Kelly to the media in an attempt to undermine the BBC at the height of the corporation's feud with No 10.
Blair aide boosted dossier threat
Scarlett says dossier took on board experts' concern

September 23: coverage from
Kelly: 'Walter Mitty' comment misunderstood by press
Downing Street spokesman Tom Kelly today attempted to distance himself further from his description of David Kelly as a 'Walter Mitty character', saying his comments had been 'misunderstood'. By Ciar Byrne.
No 10 spokesman denies giving clues

Day 20, September 22: coverage from the Guardian
Campbell saw Kelly as useful in BBC row
Alastair Campbell yesterday left court 73 in no doubt about about how keen he was to make use of David Kelly in his battle with the BBC
Extracts from Campbell's diary
Hoon knew WMD press reports were wrong
Which is the truth, Mr Hoon?

September 22: coverage from
Diary reveals 'steamed up' Campbell
Alastair Campbell wrote in his diary that it would 'fuck Gilligan' if David Kelly turned out to be the source for the BBC reporter's story. By Chris Tryhorn.
Hoon failed to correct WMD headlines
Hoon defends naming of Kelly
BBC bid to defuse Hutton attack
Day 20 in summary

Day 19, September 18: coverage from the Guardian
Gilligan's computer to be examined
BBC reporter Andrew Gilligan yesterday denied he had tampered with his main evidence supporting his assertion that he accurately reported Dr David Kelly in his broadcast about the government 'sexing up' its Iraq weapons dossier.
MoD official says Kelly should have expected public naming
Kelly brought trouble on himself, says MoD personnel chief
Day 19: In summary

September 18: coverage from
Gilligan 'made second set of notes'
Andrew Gilligan has told the Hutton inquiry the failure of his notes to mention Alastair Campbell was because he made a second set at the end of his meeting with David Kelly. By Owen Gibson and Matthew Tempest.
'Discrepancies' revealed in Gilligan notes
Gilligan 'will not resign'
'Highly likely' Hoon shown Q&A
MoD: Kelly not treated badly
MoD failed to warn Kelly he was to be 'outed'
Kelly 'played down' meetings with media
Pressure grows on Gilligan
What the papers say

Day 18, September 17: coverage from the Guardian
Gilligan left out in cold by BBC
Andrew Gilligan was left isolated yesterday when he was forced to retract key elements of his controversial Today report.
'It was a slip of the tongue...'
BBC news chief criticises reporter's journalism
Day 18 in summary

September 17: coverage from
Gilligan admits to 'slip of the tongue'
Andrew Gilligan today insisted the broad thrust of his story was true but admitted to a series of mistakes that threaten to undermine the corporation's case, reports Jason Deans.
Gilligan: my mistakes
Transcript of Andrew Gilligan's evidence
Sambrook: my regrets over Gilligan story
MoD: Kelly consent 'was not required'
Gilligan sorry for 'outing' Kelly
Gilligan: Times briefed on Kelly
Gilligan accused over Kelly description
MoD: Kelly consent 'was not required'
Matthew Tempest: Bottled at source
Gloves off as Gilligan faces Hutton grilling

Day 17, September 16: coverage from the Guardian
Kelly naming was 'Russian roulette'
David Kelly was kept in the dark about a 'sea change' in the outing strategy which led to his naming in the media, the Hutton inquiry heard yesterday.
Intelligence staff complaints on dossier kept secret
Top MoD official retreats on naming of Kelly
Day 17 in summary

September 16: coverage from
MoD attacks Gilligan's story
The Ministry of Defence's chief press officer today poured cold water on Andrew Gilligan's claim he had checked his controversial Iraq dossier report with the ministry. By Claire Cozens.
We named Kelly to protect him, claims MoD
'MoD played Russian roulette with Kelly'
Kelly's naming was 'inevitable'
Kelly's media links encouraged
Gilligan bolsters legal team

Day 16, September 15: coverage from the Guardian
Dyke to review rules after 'unacceptable' Gilligan email
Lessons in reporting to be learned from Iraq dossier row.
Doubts of third analyst revealed
Hutton to focus on compilation of Iraq weapons dossier
Law lord casts his net wider as renewed questioning begins
Lawyers ready for their turn
Spymaster fought No 10 bid to play up nuclear threat
Spotlight falls on how Kelly was treated by MoD
Peter Preston: Mandarins must share the blame

September 15: coverage from
Dyke: Campbell was 'settling old scores'
BBC director general Greg Dyke has accused Alastair Campbell of 'pre-planning' his 'unprecedented and ferocious' attack on the BBC, reports Julia Day.
Dyke: BBC must learn from Gilligan affair
Dyke unaware of wording of Gilligan report for 'several weeks'
MI6 chief: 45-minute claim was 'misinterpreted'
BBC and No 10 braced for Hutton censure
Hutton drama intensifies
Memo reveals high-level dossier concern
Blair escapes but Hoon and Campbell recalled
Dyke faces Hutton grilling
Questions for phase two of the inquiry

Weekend September 13-14: coverage from Guardian/Observer
Kelly's friend and the note Hutton has not revealed
German colonel shared scientist's views on WMDs - but we cannot see her crucial evidence, report Martin Bright and Gaby Hinsliff.
Hoon saves his scalp... until his next day in court
Nick Cohen: No sexing up, please
Revealed: new doubts on Blair's Iraq dossier
The key witnesses
Dyke to face Hutton inquiry grilling
Leader: Iraq war doubts won't go away

September 12: coverage from
Dyke to face Hutton inquiry
The BBC is set to be dragged back into the Hutton inquiry spotlight when director general Greg Dyke appears for the first time on Monday. By Owen Gibson.
Liddle lambasts proposed shake-up of BBC reporting

September 12: coverage from the Guardian
Report reveals Blair overruled terror warning
PM told war would increase al-Qaida threat;
Campbell cleared over sexing up dossier;
Hoon 'unhelpful, potentially misleading'.
Leader: Hoon hangs on
Simon Hoggart: Geoff leads himself to a glorious victory

September 11: coverage from
Kelly: I might have said 'sexier'
David Kelly admitted to the intelligence and security committee he might have used the word 'sexier' when discussing the Iraq weapons dossier with BBC reporter Andrew Gilligan. By Julia Day.
No 10 man ignored own advice on Kelly
Report calls for Gilligan investigation
Hoon 'potentially misled' committee
ISC report: key quotes
ISC report full text (pdf)

September 11: coverage from the Guardian
Gilligan faces criticism over 'sexing up' claim
Andrew Gilligan is today expected to face criticism from the intelligence and security committee, which is likely to dismiss his 'sexing up' claim'.
Leak puts Hoon under new threat
Embattled Hoon awaits his fate
Committee provides window on Whitehall secrecy
Richard Norton-Taylor: There is a dark cabal around Blair

September 9: coverage from
Kelly conspiracy theorists flock online
Sceptical members of the public are discussing the circumstances surrounding the death of David Kelly on hundreds of thousands of websites across the globe, writes Julia Day.
Kelly emails open fresh mystery
Straw wanted dossier strengthened
McDonald refused to report 45-min claim
BBC to review news reporting

September 8: coverage from
BBC's fears over Kelly statement
The BBC was concerned it would be 'insensitive' to confirm David Kelly as the main source of Andrew Gilligan's Today report on the day the weapons expert was confirmed dead. Ciar Byrne reports.
Tories: Blair's future hangs on Hutton verdict
Surreal but sombre ... a reporter reflects
Hastings: 'buck stops with Dyke'

September 8: coverage from the Guardian
'Muddle' caused 45 minute claim
The government is braced for fresh criticism - and some relief - over the handling of its Iraq policy this week with the expected publication of the findings of the intelligence and security committee. By Michael White.
What Hutton website means for open government

September 6-7: coverage from the Observer and Guardian
Humphrys: 'Gag me and I quit'
Veteran Today interviewer warns BBC as Hutton inquiry team begins to consider confidential list of witnesses for cross-examination. David Smith, Antony Barnett and Gaby Hinsliff report.
Mary Riddell: The human tale in Court 73
Press round-up

Day 15, September 4: coverage from the Guardian
Aide exposes Hoon's role in naming of Kelly
The defence secretary, Geoff Hoon, was present at a key meeting in which the policy of naming David Kelly - an issue at the heart of the Hutton inquiry - was approved, it was revealed yesterday.
Gilligan's version contradicted by Kelly friend
End of part one: now the real test begins

September 4: coverage from
Blair: let's wait for Hutton judgment
Tony Blair today refused to be drawn on the ongoing Hutton inquiry or on whether more British troops are to be deployed to Iraq, at his monthly televised press conference. By Tom Happold.
Full text: Hutton's closing statement
Kelly 'taken aback' by Gilligan's methods
FAC chief: row will leave problems for government

Day 14, September 3: coverage from the Guardian
Sceptic cited Guardian story
Kelly colleague tells hearing that article backed his view that dossier assertion was 'stupid'. By Vikram Dodd.
Leader: Back to the future
The whistleblower

September 3: coverage from
Bombshell hits government's claims
The government was dealt a severe blow today after an intelligence officer revealed he talked to David Kelly about his deep concerns over the 'over-egged' Iraq dossier. By Julia Day.
Dossier 'had been around the houses'
Neville-Jones urged review of BBC coverage
No documents shredded, says MoD chief
Hill rails against media 'distortion'
MoD intelligence staff face Hutton
Investigation similar to murder case, says police chief

Day 13, September 2: coverage from the Guardian
BBC admits status of Kelly was played up
The BBC has admitted overplaying David Kelly's status in the rush to stay ahead of the government during the battle of wills over the Iraq dossier affair.
Kelly feared humiliating end to career
Searchers tell of grim find in brambles
'A calamity for the government'
Suicide is condemned in the Baha'i writings

September 2: coverage from
Media exposure 'led to Kelly suicide'
David Kelly committed suicide at "his dismay at being exposed to the media", the director of the centre for suicide research at Oxford University told the Hutton inquiry today.
Did BBC 'sex up' its own report?
Evidence 'consistent' with suicide
Kelly's family 'held onto hope he was safe'
Who is Dame Pauline Neville-Jones?
BBC: man in mystery photo not Gilligan
Kelly found 'slumped against tree'
Inquiry turns to Kelly's state of mind

Day 12, September 1: coverage from the Guardian
Widow's anger at ploy by Sunday Times
Janice Kelly's anger with the media was directed yesterday at the Sunday Times and Rupert Murdoch.
Janice Kelly's testimony
Daughter tells of stress and hurt her father felt in last days
Mrs Kelly's doubts on key claims
Scientist showed no suicidal signs, sister tells inquiry
Leader: Beyond breaking point

BBC chiefs buried doubts to fight No 10
New evidence reveals that governors had misgivings over Gilligan story but resolved to turn row into trial of strength with government.
Full text: minutes of BBC governors meeting
Full text: translation of shorthand notes from meeting
Michael Heseltine: Kelly's death was Blair's lifeline
Widow to tell of Kelly's state of mind

Day 12: coverage from
Gilligan's 'forceful' claims surprised Kelly
David Kelly could not understand how BBC reporter Andrew Gilligan could have made such strong claims following his conversation with the scientist. By Ciar Byrne.
Widow: 'I thought he had a broken heart'
Daughter: Kelly 'under immense pressure'
Kelly 'did not lie' to MPs, says sister
Kelly 'very upset' by journalist
Kelly was 'treated like a fly'
Kelly 'considered for a knighthood'
Friend identified Kelly from MoD statement
MI5 led hunt for BBC's dossier mole
Witnesses face recall for cross-examination

Weekend August 30-31
Today host rapped by BBC chairman
Gavyn Davies condemned Today anchor John Humphrys' handling of the Gilligan report.
Hutton's place in history
Revealed: How Kelly article set out case for war in Iraq
What Kelly really thought about the war in Iraq
'Blair is not yet in the clear'
Heseltine calls for judicial inquiry

Alastair Campbell resigns
Why Alastair decided to go
Roy Greenslade on the real reasons that prompted his friend Alastair Campbell to resign.
Campbell announces resignation
Alastair Campbell's statement
Tony Blair's statement
Campbell plans return to journalism
Who will replace him?
Campbell's top spins
Kamal Ahmed: Blair's marathon man hits the final straight

August 29: coverage from
Kelly widow requests video hearing
The widow of David Kelly has asked the Hutton inquiry if she can give her evidence via a video link to avoid facing the full glare of the world's press. By Ciar Byrne.
Public flocks to Hutton inquiry website
Table: top 10 political websites
Hutton to release 130 more documents
BBC and Tories accused of 'collusion'

Day 11: August 28: coverage from the Guardian
Blair and BBC won't give an inch
The destructive confrontation between Downing Street and the BBC, which the prime minister yesterday described as a 'raging storm', showed no sign of abating at the end of an historic day at the Hutton inquiry.
Blair's testimony: 'our credibility was put at stake'
BBC chairman criticises Gilligan for email
Blair puts himself at the heart of outing David Kelly
Polly Toynbee: Off the hook - for now
Leader: Blown off course

August 28: coverage from
BBC chief 'puzzled' by Gilligan's email to MPs
Gavyn Davies today has revealed he was 'puzzled' by an email in which Andrew Gilligan appeared to name David Kelly as the source of Susan Watts' Newsnight report on the government's Iraq dossier. Ciar Byrne reports.
Davies: Campbell escalated Iraq row
Blair phoned BBC boss about source
Blair: Gilligan caused government 'storm'
BBC returns to Hutton spotlight
Blair denies dossier was case for war
Blair takes the stand

Day 10, August 27: coverage from the Guardian
Hoon: don't blame me
Defence minister has turned the heat on Blair with series of denials to Kelly inquiry.
Kelly's last day of stress and turmoil
Dossier did not justify war, Taylor told No 10
Testimony exposes Hoon's credibility gap
Gilligan email led to toughest question scientist had to face
Leader: Pass the parcel

Day 10 in summary

August 27: coverage from
Kelly 'stressed' by questioning
David Kelly told a close colleague his grilling at the hands of a committee of MPs had been the most stressful of his life, the Hutton inquiry heard today. By Jason Deans.
I did not out Kelly, insists Hoon
Hoon denies offering 'plea bargain'
Hoon attacks Gilligan's story
Statement that may haunt Hoon

Day nine, August 26: coverage from the Guardian
Hoon had 'monumental cheek'
Defence secretary Geoff Hoon yesterday came under fire over his attempt to curb questioning of David Kelly.
'I was in charge, not Campbell'
The desperate search for dossier evidence
MP hits out at Gilligan briefing

Day nine in summary

August 26: ooverage from
Second Kelly interview needed to clear up 'inconsistencies'
Tony Blair's security organiser today told the Hutton inquiry there was nothing sinister about the 'security-style interview' one of his colleagues recommended for David Kelly. By Jason Deans.
Kelly 'led on' by Gilligan
Intelligence chief 'surprised' by BBC claim
Origin of 45-min claim revealed
Scarlett faces Hutton inquiry
Headaches ahead for bruised Blair
Blair's hopes for euro entry derailed by Hutton inquiry

August 23-25: coverage in the Guardian and Observer
New Gilligan claim on controversial email
Andrew Gilligan, the BBC reporter at the heart of the Iraq row, has submitted a fresh witness statement to Lord Hutton's inquiry in an attempt to undo damage caused by a controversial email.
BBC news boss was ready to move Gilligan
Gilligan barred from reporting duties
Publishers fight for Campbell's 5m diary

August 22: coverage from
FAC chief defends Kelly questioning
Donald Anderson, the chairman of the foreign affairs select committee, today rejected criticism that he gave in too readily to restrictions from Geoff Hoon on what to ask David Kelly.
Did Gilligan try to throw MPs off scent?

Day eight, August 21: coverage from the Guardian
Campbell misled us, says MP
Alastair Campbell could be recalled to the foreign affairs committee to face questioning over whether he 'sexed up' the dossier on Iraq. By Sarah Hall.
Blair faces day of risk in court
Gilligan gave scientist's name to two MPs
MoD clues led papers to Kelly as source
Kelly's chilling words: 'I'll be found dead in the woods'
Expert careful to avoid criticism
Hoon's bid to muzzle Kelly puts political career on line
Leader: Tragedy in bifocals

Day eight in summary

August 21: coverage from
UN man tells of Kelly prophesy
David Kelly told a senior diplomat that if Iraq was invaded he would 'probably be found dead in the woods', the Hutton inquiry heard today. By Ciar Byrne and Matthew Tempest.
Blair and Hoon to give evidence next week
It was easy to identify Kelly, says journalist
Kelly said Gilligan report was 'bullshit', inquiry told
Hoon: Don't ask Kelly about WMD
Channel 4 to make Kelly docu-drama
Observer man to face inquiry
FAC head to face Hutton

Day seven, August 20: coverage from the Guardian
BBC bosses refuse public support for Gilligan
Andrew Gilligan's position within the BBC looked increasingly isolated last night as his bosses refused to back him for telling MPs David Kelly had been a source for another corporation journalist. By Matt Wells.
Kelly 'was bound to be named'
But why? Hutton seeks motive for identification
Dossier was too static for No 10
Hoon deserves to survive
A day of hairsplitting and nitpicking

Day seven in summary

August 20: coverage from
Campbell plotted Kelly press leak
Alastair Campbell secretly plotted to leak the fact that David Kelly had admitted meeting Andrew Gilligan to the press, but was persuaded not to, it emerged today. By Ciar Byrne and Julia Day.
MoD man points finger at Blair
'Outing' of Kelly sparked Whitehall panic
Hoon 'feared cover-up charge'
Backroom players in Hutton spotlight
Did Gilligan blow Kelly's cover?

Day six, August 19: coverage from the Guardian
Campbell puts Hoon in frame on day of drama
Alastair Campbell yesterday blamed the Ministry of Defence's 'naming strategy' for ensuring the scientist's identity 'dribbled out' in a damaging way.
'No input, output or influence'
'It was grim for me, grim for TB'
British Richelieu takes his place in history
Prime minister overruled advice in dispute
Birt asked to help in BBC row
Campbell saw naming of Kelly as only way to help prove his case
Gilligan 'tried to influence questions by MPs'

Day six in summary

August 19: coverage from
Campbell plays the blame game
August 19: There was little doubt who the No 10 press supremo held responsible for the dossier row - and it certainly wasn't himself, writes Ros Taylor.
Gilligan tried to prompt Kelly to voice fears
Birt backed Campbell in BBC row
Campbell stands firm on 45-minute claim
Campbell goes on the defensive
Campbell denies briefing press on 45-minute claim
Spotlight falls on Campbell
Tom Happold: Inside Blair's inner circle

Day five August 18: coverage from the Guardian
No 10 knew: Iraq no threat
One of the prime minister's closest advisers warned it would be wrong for Tony Blair to claim Iraq's weapons programme showed Saddam Hussein presented an 'imminent threat'. By Richard Norton-Taylor and Nicholas Watt.
'Was Dr Kelly playing or played with?'
BBC failed to give Hoon right of reply
Picture emerges of nerves in the No 10 den
Leader: Campbell's kingdom
Marina Hyde: Pure West Wing

Day five in summary

Day five: coverage from
No 10 warned over Saddam claim
August 18: The government's Iraq intelligence dossier did not contain proof of 'an imminent threat', Tony Blair's chief of staff warned just days before the document was unveiled. By Chris Tryhorn and Jason Deans.
Downing Street played 'chicken' with BBC
BBC 'drove speculation on Gilligan's source'
Blair and Campbell involved
Campbell 'pro-active' over naming of Kelly
Downing Street helped 'out' Dr Kelly
FT was first to put Kelly's name to MoD
MoD advice to press officers
NUJ - Hutton inquiry endangers privacy
Evidence to be made public on Thursday
Emails show Gilligan's frustration at No 10
Brian Whitaker: Searching for answers

August 18: coverage from the Guardian
Hoon may be main political victim
Geoff Hoon's ministerial future looks in doubt amid signs he will be offered up as a sacrificial lamb when Lord Hutton publishes his report. By Nicholas Watt and Richard Norton-Taylor.
Tensions flare between Hoon and No 10
The week ahead
Matt Wells: It's journalism that's on trial
Roy Greenslade: Press coverage of the inquiry

August 16 and 17: coverage from the Guardian
Journalism in the dock at inquiry
August 17: Looking back on the reporting of Hutton Week One, Peter Preston finds that hindsight is a quality that is all too easy for anyone to acquire.
Campbell to deny role in the naming of Kelly
Leader: A long overdue searchlight
Nick Cohen: A very British practice
Anthony Sampson: It takes a judge to cut through the fudge

August 15: coverage from the Guardian
45-minute claim on Iraq was hearsay
Tony Blair's headline-grabbing claim that Iraq could deploy weapons of mass destruction within 45 minutes of an order to do so was based on hearsay information, the Guardian has learned.
A complex character caught in a storm
Leader: A good first week
Beyond doubt: facts amid the fiction
Reputations saved or shattered?
The contradictions of the man in question
Whitehall jargon

August 15: coverage from
Campbell to take witness stand on Tuesday
August 15: Alastair Campbell will go before the Hutton inquiry on Tuesday to answer tough questions about his role in the events that led to the death of David Kelly, reports Jason Deans.
Man in charge of dossier was also 'troubled'
Kelly was 'weapon' in war against BBC
Second source 'troubled' by dossier claims

Day four August 14: coverage from the Guardian
BBC pays for Watts' lawyers
The BBC is paying for the expensive legal team engaged by Newsnight reporter Susan Watts, writes Matt Wells.
Kelly panic led Blair to intervene
Dossier was strengthened and weakened
How trail of evidence reached No 10
Top secret memos published
Panicking bosses hounded Kelly

Day four in summary

Day four: coverage from
Blair ordered second interview
August 14: The row over the circumstances surrounding David Kelly's death escalated today after it emerged that Tony Blair ordered the government weapons expert to undergo a second grilling about his contacts with the BBC. By Jason Deans.
Kelly was 'nervous and distressed' before questioning
Final dossier used 'harder' language
Hoon was asked not to put Kelly on 'trial'
Kelly 'under huge pressure' in hours before death
Kelly was 'composed' despite MoD pressure
Kelly read 'the riot act'
Kelly 'composed' despite MoD pressure
Coroner: cuts to wrist killed Kelly
Secret document 'leaked' to Gilligan
What did the MoD say to Kelly?
Letter reveals Kelly's media links

Day three August 13: coverage from the Guardian
'Shayler-like' MoD figure blamed No 10
Tim Luckhurst, a former producer at the BBC, was contacted at the height of the Iraq dossier row by someone claiming to be from the MoD who told him No 10 had 'sexed up' the dossier. By Owen Gibson.
BBC boss praises Gilligan for not toeing MoD line
Will the BBC recover?
'Misguided and false' - reporter's verdict on BBC
Kelly: No 10 exaggerated the case for war
War of words split BBC
Document treasure trove reveals key clues
Comment: Polly Toynbee
Press review

Day three in summary

Day three: coverage from
Today editor 'called Campbell bonkers'
August 13: BBC director of news Richard Sambrook has told the Hutton inquiry the Today editor Kevin Marsh described Alastair Campbell as "bonkers" during the weapons dossier affair. Julia Day reports.
Sambrook's actions were 'driven by duty'
Hewitt: Kelly 'incorrect' to deny meeting
Kelly blamed 'someone' at No 10
Watts: 'BBC tried to mould my story'
Watts: Kelly claimed he was 'not involved'
Watts: 'Kelly did not blame Campbell'

Day two August 12: coverage from the Guardian
BBC's public stance hid doubts on Gilligan
The BBC suffered a damaging blow at the Hutton inquiry yesterday with the revelation that senior editors at the corporation and even the board of governors had serious concerns about Andrew Gilligan's Iraq dossier stories.
BBC governors were split over Today report
How BBC editors finalised the story
Kevin Marsh's email about Andrew Gilligan
Reporter's three takes on a story still far from clarity
Tale of flaws, evasion and spin unfolds
A quiet chat and a name that led to tragedy
Watts says Kelly told her Campbell 'sexed up' dossier
Leader: no instant conclusions to be drawn
Rod Liddle comment

Day two in summary

Day two: coverage from
Campbell claim was 'gossipy aside'
August 12: A second BBC reporter was told by David Kelly that Alastair Campbell was responsible for 'sexing up' the Iraq intelligence dossier but dismissed the comment as a 'gossipy aside'. Bu Ciar Byrne .
Gilligan story called into question
Gilligan 'millstone' worried BBC
Gilligan's Mail on Sunday article was not vetted
Gilligan changed story for MPs
Gilligan claims reopen controversy
How Gilligan made his notes
Theatre to stage Hutton play
Kelly 'said government sexed up Iraq dossier'
Transcripts of Gilligan's notes and his Today report

Day one August 11: coverage from the Guardian
Iraq dossier blow for Blair
The opening day of the Hutton inquiry saw doubts raised by two more government officials about the Iraqi dossiers, as David Kelly was quoted as saying the claims were 'not wrong but lots of spin' was involved.
Kelly - a brilliant scientist
Oliver Burkeman comment
Protests as documents held back
Senior counsel seen as low-key but tough
Careers on the line as hearings get under way

Day one in summary
The key events, questions and quotes.

Day one: coverage from
Kelly email raised concerns over spin
August 11: David Kelly complained the Iraq intelligence dossier contained 'a lot of spin' according to a confidential email exchange at the Ministry of Defence, it emerged today. By Jason Deans.
MoD: Kelly was not named 'gratuitously'
Foreign Office and MoD opinions differ over Kelly
MoD man reveals dossier 'disquiet'
Kelly was in 'normal' frame of mind days before his death
Legal eagles set for Kelly inquiry

Before the inquiry
Special report: Iraq dossier affair

Climate of secrecy
August 11: Is there a good reason not to broadcast the Hutton inquiry, asks Dan Tench.

Speaking ill of the dead
August 11: Likening David Kelly to Walter Mitty was defamatory. But because the scientist is dead, his family cannot sue the government. Duncan Lamont explains why.

Hutton inquiry names first witnesses
August 8: Lord Hutton today revealed the first witnesses to be called to give evidence in the inquiry into the events surrounding the death of David Kelly. By Jason Deans.

Other special reports
Iraq dossier affair

Guardian Unlimited: the Hutton inquiry

Guardian Unlimited Politics: David Kelly

Online chat
Richard Norton-Taylor online
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