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Hutton inquiry
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Iraq - the media war


A chronology of events

David Kelly: a tragedy unfolds

Kelly and the Iraq dossiers

The main players
David Kelly: an expert in biological warfare

Andrew Gilligan: the tough reporter who riled No 10

Lord Hutton: a classic establishment figure

Who's who - and what they said
The main players give their view on the dossier row and its tragic consequences.

The Hutton inquiry
Hutton inquiry: click here for all the news
Daily news, comment and analysis on all the emerging evidence as Lord Hutton investigates the circumstances surrounding David Kelly's death.

Thursday September 11: ISC report
Report calls for Gilligan investigation
September 11: The government committee looking into the Iraq dossier affair has called for an investigation of BBC correspondent Andrew Gilligan's contacts within the intelligence services. By Julia Day.
11.09.2003: Hoon 'potentially misled' committee
11.09.2003: Committee provides window on Whitehall secrecy
11.09.2003: There is a dark cabal around Blair
11.09.2003: What today's report means for...
ISC report: key quotes

Friday August 8: inquiry looms
Hutton inquiry names first witnesses
August 8: Lord Hutton today revealed the first witnesses to be called to give evidence in the inquiry into the events surrounding the death of David Kelly. By Jason Deans.
Dates and times of witnesses: August 11-14 2003

Wednesday August 6: the day of Kelly's funeral
Friends bid farewell to 'gentle' Kelly
August 6: David Kelly's funeral was marked by 'lots of tears and lots of reflection' according to his close friend and former BBC journalist Tom Mangold. By Ciar Byrne.
06.08.2003: Bell tolls for Kelly
06.08.2003: Mangold pays tribute to Kelly
06.08.2003: Kelly to be buried today
06.08.2003: Rod Liddle: Lies, damn lies and the Kelly case
06.08.2003: Independent stands by Walter Mitty claims
06.08.2003: Fleet Street backs Independent
06.08.2003: Press review: Tom Kelly
06.08.2003: Michael White: the voice of No 10 that whispered too loud

Tuesday August 5: furore over Walter Mitty slur
No TV cameras for Hutton inquiry
August 5: Lord Hutton will not allow TV cameras to film the inquiry into Dr David Kelly's death, to spare witnesses the strain of having 'every hesitation and facial expression' scrutinised. By Jason Deans.
05.08.2003: Prescott apologises to Kelly's widow
05.08.2003: Kelly friend brands No 10 'heartless'
05.08.2003: No 10 man says sorry for 'Mitty' slur
05.08.2003: The impact on Blair's spin machine
05.08.2003: Full text: Tom Kelly's statement
05.08.2003: Sack No 10 spokesman, urges Jackson
05.08.2003: Blair's man admits Kelly claim
05.08.2003: Who is Walter Mitty?

The real fall guy
Comment: Those who accuse No 10 of deliberately smearing David Kelly misunderstand the process of lobby journalism, writes Guardian political editor Michael White.

Monday August 4: players feel the pressure
Public trust in BBC plummets
August 4: The BBC has lost the trust of a third of the British public in less than a year as a result of the weapons dossier affair, writes Julia Day.
04.08:2003: Hoon under fire over timing of holiday
04.08.2003: Foreign media follow 'gripping soap opera'
04.08.2003: Kelly affair hits confidence in BBC
04.08.2003: MI6 chief's plan to quit not linked to Iraq, insists No 10

Sunday August 3: claims and counter-claims
MoD denies it tried to burn documents
August 3: The Ministry of Defence confirmed last night that a document at the centre of a security breach had been passed to police investigating the death of David Kelly. By Martin Bright and Kamal Ahmed.
03.08.2003: Evasions, allusions and tragedy
03.08.2003: Kelly inquiry to probe spy links
03.08.2003: Transcript will clear Gilligan of changing story to MPs, says BBC

Friday August 1: Hutton enquiry begins
Electrodes on chest 'unusual'
August 1: Heart experts today said it was 'unusual' for someone to wear electrode pads while walking following revelations that David Kelly had four of the special monitors on his chest when his body was found. By Chris Tryhorn.
01.08.2003: Kelly had coronary artery disease
01.08.2003: Hutton TV coverage needed 'for accuracy'
01.08.2003: Newsnight editor key to BBC defence
01.08.2003: Hutton inquiry may take months
01.08.2003: Blair and Hoon to give evidence
01.08.2003: Broadcasters want Kelly inquiry shown live
01.08.2003: Gilligan's secret evidence
01.08.2003: Extracts from Gilligan's cross-examination
01.08.2003: Under the spotlight - the MoD

Wednesday July 30: lessons to be learned
Blair: lessons must be learned from dossier affair
July 30: Tony Blair today admitted there are 'legitimate questions' to be asked about the government's relationship with the media. By Julia Day.
30.07.2003: Blair sidesteps Kelly questions
30.07.2003: Date set for Kelly funeral

Tuesday July 29: battle for hearts and minds
Hain steps up attack on BBC
July 29: The leader of the Commons, Peter Hain, claimed today that David Kelly's name would have become public whatever the government's actions. By Matthew Tempest.
29.07.2003: BBC 'more trustworthy than government'
Press review: 'Our integrity is under attack'
Hugo Young: Every prime minister must have an Alastair Campbell
Letters: War over the BBC

Hutton inquiry opens on Friday
July 29: Law lord expected to identify witnesses being called.

Monday July 28: row over BBC charter
Government pressed on BBC charter renewal
July 28: The Lib Dems have accused ministers of viewing the renewal of the BBC charter as 'payback time' following the Iraq dossier row. By Jason Deans.
28.07.2003: Full text of Lord McNally's letter
28.07.2003: Ministers retreat over BBC charter threats
28.07.2003: Hutton inquiry begins on Friday
28.07.2003: BBC charter debate reignites
28.07.2003 MoD admits Hoon met scientist
Davies: 'We are just doing our job'
Hain: 'The bubble that must be burst'
Roy Greenslade: So who really hates the BBC?
Leader: Calling the kettle Black
Full text of Black letter

Andrew Gilligan's original radio report
The Iraq dossier broadcast
Transcript of BBC defence correspondent Andrew Gilligan's report, which was broadcast on BBC Radio 4's Today programme on May 29.
01.07.2003: Gilligan repeats allegations in Mail on Sunday

Full text of statements, letters and committee findings
David Kelly's evidence to the foreign affairs select committee

Lord Hutton's statement about inquiry
July 21: Statement by Lord Hutton on the range and nature of his inquiry into the death of David Kelly.
21.07.2003: Gilligan's statement following Kelly's death
20.07.2003: BBC statement confirming Kelly is source
09.07.2003: BBC chairman's letter in response to Hoon letter
08.07.2003: MoD statement announcing mole has come forward
08.07.2003: BBC statement on the Mod 'mole'
08.07.2003: Dyke urges Campbell to bury hatchet
06.07.2003: Full text of BBC governors' statement
07.07.2003: Full text of select committee's report
07.07.2003: Extract of committee report on BBC
01.07.2003: What Gilligan wrote in the Mail on Sunday
27.06.2003: Richard Sambrook's letter to Alastair Campbell

Friday July 25: speculation grows over Campbell exit
No 10 denies Campbell departure claim
July 25: Downing Street today moved to seal off speculation about Alastair Campbell's future, dismissing a BBC report that the government's head of communications would leave his post in the autumn.
Campbell's top spins
24.07.2003: Matthew Tempest: Tony the lonely
24.07.2003: The bookies' favourites to replace Campbell
24.07.2003: No 10 denies Campbell departure claim
24.07.2003: Shambles as Hoon stays silent
24.07.2003: Letters: Spectre of Murdoch

Thursday July 24: gathering the evidence
Publication of Gilligan evidence shelved
July 24: Plans to publish details of Andrew Gilligan's controversial second appearance before the foreign affairs select committee have been postponed indefinitely following an intervention by the BBC chairman. By Jason Deans.
24.07.2003: TV cameras barred from Kelly inquiry
Jackie Ashley: This BBC row is about power
Richard Norton-Taylor: What David Kelly knew

Wednesday July 23: the blame game continues
BBC to produce Kelly tape in bid to exonerate reporter
July 23: The BBC has a tape of David Kelly expressing serious concern about how Downing Street made the case for war. By Matt Wells, Nicholas Watt in Hong Kong and Michael White.
23.07.2003: BBC board accused of confusion
23.07.2003: 'It will only be half the story'
23.07.2003: How Kelly was named
23.07.2003: If not now, when?
23.07.2003: Tragedy confirms suspicions over war

Jowell attacks Labour spin machine
July 23: Culture secretary Tessa Jowell today said Labour had learned the 'hard way' the drawbacks of its obsession with controlling the news agenda. By Owen Gibson.
23.07.2003: Hoon makes surprise visit to Kelly widow
23.07.2003: The leak, the name. Who is to blame?
23.07.2003: Leader: pinning the blame
23.07.2003: Letter: the vulnerable Dr Kelly

Tuesday July 22: BBC in the spotlight
Blair denies role in naming Kelly
July 22: Tony Blair stepped back into the row over David Kelly's death to insist that he had played no role in the 'outing' of the government scientist as the source of the BBC's controversial dossier story.
22.07.2003: Hoon stumbles into PR blunder
22.07.2003: Hoon 'behind Kelly strategy'

Gilligan checked quotes with Kelly
July 22: The BBC's Andrew Gilligan had a second conversation with David Kelly after their May 22 meeting to confirm which quotes he could use, the Hutton inquiry will be told. By Jason Deans.
22.07.2003: Bland hits out at No 10 'obsession'
22.07.2003: BBC governors break ranks over Iraq dossier
22.07.2003: BBC stakes all on Gilligan
22.07.2003: Truth behind those 'sexed up' claims
22.07.2003: How the dossier row unfolded
22.07.2003 John Tuse: Don't attack the BBC - you can't win
22.07.2003 Leader: Gunning for the BBC

Monday July 21: BBC in firing line
Dyke defends Kelly revelation
July 21: BBC director general Greg Dyke has told staff he thought it 'right and proper' to reveal David Kelly as the principal source for Andrew Gilligan's infamous Iraq dossier story. By Jason Deans.
21.07.2003: Gilligan is 'loose cannon', says Mandelson
21.07.2003: Mangold: Kelly 'caught between BBC and No 10'
21.07.2003: Campbell 'disturbed and dangerous', says journalist
21.07.2003: Murdoch papers open fire on BBC
21.07.2003: What the international papers said
21.07.2003: What the UK papers said

Kelly inquiry to start within days
July 21: A team of lawyers and a journalist will collect 'every shred of evidence' within the BBC that will help the public inquiry investigate the events surrounding David Kelly's suicide. By Jason Deans.
21.07.2003: Hutton: I will decide scope of inquiry
21.07.2003: Lord Hutton - 'A classic establishment figure'
21.07.2003: BBC said no to truce on dossier row
21.07.2003: How journalists were led to the source of the story
21.07.2003: Corporation in deep water over nature of source
21.07.2003: Cracks appear in BBC ranks as executives face staff revolt

Standing firm
July 21: The David Kelly tragedy has thrust the BBC into the limelight as has seldom happened before. Emily Bell examines the corporations's role in the story and how it has conducted itself in the face of enormous pressure
21.07.2003 Roy Greenslade: Another casualty of the fourth estate
21.07.2003 Sarah Thomas: At the heart of free speech
21.07.2003 Rod Liddle: In defence of the BBC
21.07.2003 Jackie Ashley: Spinning out of control

Sunday July 20: Blair crisis, BBC confirms Kelly as source
Blair ally blasts BBC's 'obsession'
July 20: Relations between the Government and the BBC sank to an all-time low last night as one of Tony Blair's closest allies launched an onslaught against the corporation. By Kamal Ahmed and Gaby Hinsliff.
20.07.2003: A haunted man
20.07.2003 David Aaronovitch: Such blatant bias
20.07.2003 Peter Mandelson: BBC has put self-regard ahead of the truth
20.07.2003: Beleaguered BBC prepares to strike back
20.07.2003: Kelly's family: 'Events made David's life intolerable'

Saturday July 19: Kelly suicide confirmed
BBC retreats behind statement of sympathy for family
July 19: The BBC was last night struggling to assess the impact of David Kelly's death as executives retreated behind a short statement expressing sympathy to his family. By Matt Wells.
19.07.2003: Campbell's drive became obsessive
19.07.2003 Leader: Caught in the crossfire
19.07.2003: Police formally identify body

Friday July 18: Kelly missing, body found
Kelly: Blair promises public inquiry
July 18: Tony Blair has promised an independent judicial inquiry if the death of David Kelly is confirmed, journalists travelling with the prime minister on his flight from Washington to Tokyo have said. By Jason Deans.
18.07.2003: Kelly's treatment was 'absolutely inexcusable', say friends
18.07.2003: Kelly 'briefed third BBC reporter'
18.07.2003: BBC 'shocked and saddened'
18.07.2003: Body found in search for MoD 'mole'
18.07.2003: Gilligan will be 'worried and sickened' says Liddle
18.07.2003: 'BBC mole' reported missing
18.07.2003: MPs accuse Gilligan of changing story
18.07.2003 Steven Barnett: Tragic price of contempt for free press

Downing Street v the BBC - how the row escalated
PM presses BBC to name source
July 16: Tony Blair again challenged the BBC to unmask the source ofAndrew Gilligan's story on the government's Iraq dossier today. By Matthew Tempest.
16.07.2003: Tory leader attacks government 'deceit'
15.07.2003: Kaufman calls for BBC press ban

Is Phil Bassett the new Alastair Campbell?
July 14: Phil Bassett, the ex-Times journalist tipped to step into Alastair Campbell's shoes as No 10's communications chief, is well versed in controversy, writes Julia Day.
12.07.2003: Speculation grows over Campbell
09.07.2003: Short attacks 'bully' Campbell

MoD man admits he met Gilligan
July 8: An official working in the Ministry of Defence came forward to admit meeting BBC journalist Andrew Gilligan to discuss the Government's dossier on Iraqi weapons. By Jason Deans.
08.07.2003 Rod Liddle: 'The war against Gilligan is 90% confected outrage'
08.07.2003: Blair told: it's time to answer vital questions
08.07.2003: Duncan Smith calls for judicial inquiry
08.07.2003: Dyke urges Campbell to bury hatchet
08.07.2003: Ex-Campbell aide blasts 'salacious' BBC

Why the BBC was right
July 7 Rod Liddle: Can you imagine being told, on the record, by one of the country's top spooks that the security services were angry at Campbell's involvement and deciding NOT to report it?
07.07.2003: BBC hits back over Straw demand for apology
07.07.2003: Bury the hatchet, say PR chiefs
07.07.2003: Campbell cleared of doctoring Iraq dossier
07.07.2003: Governors back BBC in row over Iraq dossier
07.07.2003 Humphrys: we were right to report story
07.07.2003 Peter Preston: It's a charade and we all know it
07.07.2003: MPs demand investigation of Gilligan contacts
07.07.2003: Report justifies BBC, says corporation

BBC clamps down on freelance writing
July 4: The BBC is to put significant restrictions on staff writing freelance articles in newspapers in the wake of the row over the government's Iraq dossier. By Jason Deans.
04.07.2003 Justin Lewis: Biased broadcasting corporation
04.07.2003: Dossier not 'sexed up' say MPs
04.07.2003: No 10 challenges BBC over Hoon interview

BBC defiant over Campbell attack
June 27: BBC news director Richard Sambrook has accused government spin chief Alastair Campbell of a 'vendetta' against journalist Andrew Gilligan. By Jason Deans.
27.07.2003: BBC scorns Campbell deadline for apology over Iraq allegations
27.06.2003: Campbell steps up war on BBC

BBC Iraq row 'was brewing for weeks'
June 26: The war of words between the government and the BBC erupted after weeks of behind the scenes arm-twisting by spin doctors, according to sources. Jason Deans reports.
26.06.2003: Campbell claims BBC lied over Iraq 'dodgy dossier'

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